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Performance Now featured in the Kansas City Star and the Pitch

Posted on September 5, 2013

The Kansas City Star‘s Sunday paper recently featured a large, 2-page spread reflecting on the touring exhibition Performance Now. Covering many of the works in depth, the article focuses on works by Claire Fontaine, Marina Abramovic, Clifford Owens and more.

“Co-organized by Independent Curators International, New York, and Performa, a biennial of performance art organized by RoseLee Goldberg, “Performance Now” is an extraordinary show, providing an opportunity to see almost a decade’s worth of landmark performances.”

Continue to read the full article on line here.

Additionally, the exhibition was covered by the Pitch, stating:
“The sheer scale of Performance Now is daunting enough to make repeat visits necessary, at least if you want to gather more than surface impressions. The depth in Goldberg’s exhibition is in its genuine, nostalgic love for performance — for preserving and cataloging these seemingly ephemeral projects. The result is a traveling scrapbook of comedy and confrontation, ready to fascinate and prod but also to entertain.”

You can continue to read the Pitch article online here as well.

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