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Raya is an online dating app known for its exclusiveness to its members

Posted on November 18, 2022

Raya is an online dating app known for its exclusiveness to its members

According to the App Store, once you’re admitted to Raya, a membership is $9.99 per month. But users can pay more for extra in-app purchases, such as extra likes.

Other Features of Raya

Included in the membership, I can enjoy looking for a potential partner everywhere. It is because the app shows that every member of the app, even from other countries. I do not have a hard time looking for a member who can catch my attention because there are many options.

Discover How to Use the Raya App

But, members can just turn on the “Nearby” feature if they wanted just to see the profiles of members within or close to their current location. Thus, the app asks the members to grant permission to allow the app to use the current location of their mobile devices.

A relatively new feature of the app is the modes. Raya is now limited to finding potential partners romantically but also professionally. Members can now build connections by finding other app members who are in the same field or industry.

When looking for potential dates, I can just turn on “Social” mode, while the “Work” mode shows me people who can be added to my professional social network.

Other Facts about Raya

Since the app has gained popularity over time, Raya has an interesting demographic among its users. At present, the members are generally young, with an almost equal distribution of male and female in terms of gender.

As mentioned, there are reports that single celebrities are on the app. You can find here Demi Lovato, Channing Tatum, Ben Affleck, Tom Felton, Emma Watson, and many more. So, there is a chance you can match with them.

The app has a rigorous application process because a committee verifies the information of the new user based on the Instagram profile and referral of a current member.

The app is like any other online dating app out there as it provides an avenue for people who are matched to communicate. But, Raya has a ”Work” mode that users can improve their professional social network.

In order to join, users must be referred to by an existing member. If you are not referred to by someone else but you’d still like to join, you’d have to join a long queue. Anyone who is interested to join Raya must fill out a membership application form, then submit it to be included in a waitlist.

Celebrities are just like Us, they turn to dating apps to find romance and start relationships. Stars including Eric Stonestreet and Chelsea Handler have been open about their use of dating apps, such as Tinder and Bumble, but even more famous folks have opted to use Raya.

If you don’t have an instagram account or aren’t recognized in the media chances are you will not get accepted (at this moment), even with recommendation from various members. However if you don’t have a referral from an existing members or members you can still get on.

Because Raya is constantly getting submissions, you could be accepted/declined in a couple of days or be left waiting a year-your fate lies in the escort backpage Santa Maria mysterious hands of the “committee”. Though, don’t feel bad if you’re turned away or left on the waiting list; even Demi Lovato was rejected once upon a time.

The guidelines read: “Every member is expected to follow our simple rules of respect, trust, and privacy. Raya removes former members who don’t share these same community ideals. Furthermore, we reserve the right to suspend or remove any membership we no longer feel strengthens our community.”

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