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Stephen Vitiello interviewed on WMNF Radio

Posted on July 3, 2015

With Hidden Noise

With Hidden Noise Listening Program with Stephen Vitiello, USF CAM, 2015. Image courtesy of USF CAM.

Local Tampa, FL radio station WMNF recently featured a conversation between With Hidden Noise curator and artist Stephen Vitiello, USF CAM Exhibitions Manager Shannon Annis, and USF communications specialist Mark Fredricks about the exhibition of With Hidden Noise currently on view at the University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum. As part of the station’s ongoing Art in Your Ear program, Stephen Vitiello spoke about what first inspired him to work with sound, the process of curating this exhibition, and how he hopes to influence audiences with his work.

“It’s really to get people excited about listening. We all listen, we hear all the time, but we don’t always do it with a consciousness. When we’re growing up, when we’re babies, and someone says ‘What color is that crayon? It’s blue, it’s green. What kind of blue? It’s aqua blue.’ But we don’t necessarily grow up with that language about listening. And so part of I’m doing in my work and also as a teacher is to enhance that language and make us aware that we listen, and can listen with passion and curiosity and pleasure.”

You can listen to the full conversation on the WMNF podcast, here.

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