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The London Evening Standard and The Guardian announce UP HILL DOWN HALL: AN INDOOR CARNIVAL

Posted on August 23, 2014

On August 23rd, TATE Modern in London will host the event Up Hill Down Hall: An Indoor Carnival curated by EN MAS’ curator Claire Tancons. Up Hill Down Hall coincides with the Notting Hill Carnival’s 50th anniversary and offers critical and artistic perspectives on Carnival. Recently, Tancons was quoted in the London Evening Standard about the upcoming event:

“One of my first jobs as a junior curator was in Trinidad and Tobago, where carnival-style parties are a huge part of their culture. Carnival celebrations have influenced so much contemporary art and performance art. … This exhibition is a celebration of that and of the Notting Hill Carnival which is now in its 50th year.”

EN MAS’ artists Hew Locke and Marlon Griffith will participate in Up Hill Down Hall, and Locke’s performance Give and Take will be a part of the EN MAS’ exhibition which will start touring in spring 2015. The Guardian recently quoted Locke in an article about Up Hill Down Hall:

“I wanted to do something which was – I wouldn’t say anti-carnival, but was not, ‘Yeah, jump up, bikini masks.’ I didn’t want to do the huge, highly elaborate costumes that people might expect from me.” As its name suggests, Locke is going to make interactions between the samba band, performers and Turbine Hall visitors central to the piece instead. Without an audience, he says, Give and Take won’t succeed.”

To read the full article from the London Evening Standard, click here.

To read the full article from The Guardian, click here.

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