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Time Out London Interviews EN MAS’ artist Hew Locke

Posted on September 3, 2014

In a recent interview with Time Out LondonEN MAS’ participating artist Hew Locke talked about his performance Give and Take, part of Up Hill Down Hall: An Indoor Carnival at TATE Modern. Up Hill Down Hall was organized by EN MAS’ curator Claire Tancons, and Give and Take will be one of the key artworks featured in the touring exhibition co-produced by ICI and CAC, New Orleans. About the performance, Locke says:

“I’m not making Carnival, I’m making a piece of art. This is about trying to get to an essence of Carnival. So, while there might not be colossal costumes parading down the Turbine Hall, it will be a participatory event in the same way that Notting Hill Carnival is a participatory event. I’d like as many people to be there as possible. You need to be on the ground participating with this stuff because that’s how Carnival works. It should be enjoyable but then it will be a bit edgy as well because that’s how Carnival always has been. Wherever you go in the world, Carnival always comes out of some sort of tension.”

To read the full article from Time Out London, click here.

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