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Tribeca Gallery Walk

Posted on January 17, 2020

On Saturday, September 14, 2019 Independents gathered for a champagne reception at SFA Advisory hosted by Lisa Schiff on the occasion of Tribeca Gallery Walk. Elizabeth Dee, founder of the Independent art fair, then led ICI members on a walking tour of new galleries and exhibitions in Tribeca.
ICI_Tribeca Gallery Walk2 Naomi Huth listening as Lisa Schiff introduces Independents to SFA Advisory ICI_Tribeca Gallery Walk3 Shawna Cooper Gallancy, Lauren Kelly, Noreen Ahmad ICI_Tribeca Gallery Walk4 Greg and Molly Rowe Bresnitz ICI_Tribeca Gallery Walk6 Elizabeth Dee leading ICI Independents around Tribeca galleries, here at R & Company ICI_Tribeca Gallery Walk7 Xylor Jane at CANADA ICI_Tribeca Gallery Walk9 ICI Independents at CANADA for Tribeca Gallery Walk led by Elizabeth Dee