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Up Hill Down Hall: An Indoor Carnival curated by Claire Tancons at Tate Modern

Posted on June 27, 2014

Gia Wolff, Canopy 2014, digital drawing for Up Hill Down Hall, Turbine Hall installation includes sketches from No Black in the Union Jack by Marlon Griffith, Copyright the artist

On August 23rd, artists Hew Locke and Marlon Griffith will participate in Up Hill Down Hall: An Indoor Carnival curated by EN MAS’ co-curator Claire Tancons at Tate Modern in London. Both artists will be featured in EN MAS’: Carnival and Performance Art of the Caribbean, co-produced by ICI and CAC. Locke’s performance for Tate Modern, Give and Take, will also be one of the key artworks featured in the CAC / ICI exhibition. Set to coincide with the Notting Hill Carnival, Up Hill Down Hall will present newly commissioned performances that offer critical and artistic perspectives on Carnival.

“While signaling the importance of Carnival as a performance medium with mass appeal in the culminating era of the massification of museum culture, Up Hill Down Hall inscribes these works within the politically conscious cultural legacy of the Notting Hill Carnival, born of Caribbean migration and metropolitan accommodation to the aftermath of colonialism, resistance to racism and the mainstreaming of multiculturalism and, ultimately, developed through cultural ingenuity and artistic creativity at the forefront of the formation of postcolonial British culture.”

For more information and a full description of Up Hill Down Hall, visit TATE’s website, here.

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