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Uptown Gallery Hop led by Liddy Berman

Posted on April 23, 2018

On Saturday April 21, ICI Independent and Director of Eleusis Art Advisory, Liddy Berman, led fellow Independents on a gallery hop of gallery located on the upper east side including, Aquavella, Gagosian, Jack Tilton Gallery, Carig F. Starr, Nara Roesler, and Mendes Wood. uptown Michael Findlay on Joaquin Torres Garcia at Aquavella Galleries uptown Alex Wolf at Gagosian on Cy Twombly uptown ICI Independent and Sales Director at Galeria Nara Roesler / New York, Paul Richert-Garcia uptown Paul Richert-Garcia on posters by Almir da Silva Mavignier uptown Martin Aguilera of Mendes Wood / New York on Dadamaino uptown ICI Independents Adam Yokell, Liddy Berman, and Sarah Paul at Mendes Wood / New York