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With Hidden Noise in the Seattle Times

Posted on August 16, 2014

The Seattle Times recently highlighted With Hidden Noise, currently on view at the Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington. Michael Upchurch gave an in-depth review of artworks by Stephen Vitiello, Pauline Oliveros, Michael J. Schumacher, Andrea Parkins, and Taylor Deupree, among others, writing:

“With Hidden Noise is an hour-plus collage of soundscapes that you listen to in a dimly lit room arrayed with chairs and cushions. They range from the purely instrumental (accordionist Pauline Oliveros’ experimental “Pauline’s Solo”) to the minimalist digital wizardry of Steve Roden’s “ambrotos” and Michael J. Schumacher’s Filters and Filtered.

Vitiello himself, collaborating with electronic musician Taylor Deupree, contributes “Decay, Decay, Delay, Decay,” an ethereal seven-minute shifting cloud of sound. Like several pieces in “Noise,” it’s clearly influenced by Brian Eno’s ambient albums of the 1970s and ’80s.

Other pieces are more varied in character. The New Mexico field recordings assembled by Seattle sound artist Steve Peters in “The Very Rich Hours: Canyons” are accompanied by meticulous spoken-word descriptions and beautiful sung fragments, listing local endangered species in Latin.

Andrea Perkins serves up more of a pulsing funhouse of sounds in “Room 1, Study B: Three Rooms in the Memory Palace.” Moments of drone, rattle and chime are punctuated by giddy slide-whistle glides of pitch.”

In addition to the review of With Hidden Noise, the article goes on to discuss even more works by artist and curator Stephen Vitiello, Electro-Dynamic Drawings, also on view at the Henry Art Gallery, and his upcoming project on the Seattle Waterfront soon.

“If With Hidden Noise and Electro-Dynamic Drawings are anything to go by, future waterfront visitors are in for a transcendent treat.”

To read the full article, please click here.

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