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With Hidden Noise on WUSF TV and Radio

Posted on July 3, 2015

With Hidden Noise

With Hidden Noise Listening Program with Stephen Vitiello, USF Contemporary Art Museum, 2015. Image courtesy of USFCAM.

With Hidden Noise at the University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum was recently featured in WUSF TV and WUSF Radio. The program quotes With Hidden Noise curator and artist Stephen Vitiello saying:

We all listen. We all feel. We all have the potential to listen creatively but not a lot of us have been educated or cultured to do that. So you hope that some people will come to it with open minds… I think that’s all you can do. To do it well, it’s not easier or harder than to take a good photograph of make a good painting. You’re just maybe going to reach a different audience.”

To see the full coverage, visit the WUSF website, here and here.

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