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Uri Aran: Doodle Jumbo Tote

Uri Aran: Doodle Jumbo Tote

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Support curatorial practice and independent thinking by purchasing Uri Aran‘s Doodle tote! This jumbo tote is made from 100% heavy cotton canvas and comes with fabric pens to make and wear your very own doodle!

Uri Aran: Jumbo Doodle Tote
12.0 oz. jumbo tote
100% heavy cotton canvas with 8 fabric nontoxic markers
$50 + shipping
To purchase, click here

Uri Aran’s instruction Doodle is part of do it (home), a version of the do it exhibition curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist. Do it (home) consists of a collection of artist instructions that can be realized from anywhere around the world. Visit the link above for more information and to download the instructions.

Uri Aran’s (b. 1977 in Jerusalem, based in NY) paintings, videos, sculptures, performances and drawings are often composed of familiar objects and motifs in unfamiliar ways. The investigation of language and the rationale to organize knowledge into legible and hierarchical systems are fundamental to his practice. Often unfolding like an intimate storyboard, Aran’s configurations evoke fragments of a narrative, hinting at more open-ended and non-linear methods of communication that propose multiple routes through the work.