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From Media to Metaphor: Art About AIDS

From Media to Metaphor: Art About AIDS

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Can art save lives?

Not directly. But it can help the rest of us live.

From Media to Metaphor: Art About Aids chronicles the visual conversation in which artists reflected on the AIDS epidemic in 1993 during the height of the deepening and ongoing catastrophe. Bound by a green and copper prismatic cover, the exhibition catalogue includes a dialogue between Robert Atkins and Thomas W. Sokolowski on the art world’s role in invoking the American psyche of the time, a pop-out timeline of the AIDS crisis, and full-page renditions and descriptions of works by dozens of artists from the groundbreaking exhibition.

Atkins, Robert and Sokolowski, Tom, From Media to Metaphor: Art About Aids, Independent Curators International (ICI), New York, 1992. 72 Pages, 11.7 x 7 inches, softcover. ISBN: 0916365344. $20.00