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Jane Hammond

Jane Hammond

in Editions

Voodoo, 1990-91
39 1/4 x 30 3/4 inches
Edition of 75
$1,500 + shipping

Join the Museum of Modern Art in owning this special edition from an artist who has been the sweetheart of the New York art world for decades. Look closely as this piece and you’ll see the scarlet kingsnake is collaged.

“For me, printmaking is a major endeavor and I conceive of ideas directly for and in this medium. My print ideas often require several different kinds of printing techniques and several different kinds of paper, collaged together. Often the papers have been custom made for the print. My prints are not reproductions of paintings or drawings. They are autonomous objects. They are frequently very labor-intensive, both for me and the printers.”

Jane Hammond is an accomplished painter, sculptor, and printmaker living and working in New York. Her work typically includes images pulled from a wide range of sources, including illustrations for children’s books, technical manuals,  with textual and literary influences, often borrowing from or collaborating directly with poets for inspiration and for titles of works.

For more information, contact Francisco Correa Cordero, 212.254.8200, ext. 125 or francisco@curatorsintl.org.