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Kahlil Robert Irving

Kahlil Robert Irving

in Editions

Music Memorial in Film [(Greeting Screening Chained ) Daily Ritual & tribute (TERROR)], 2019 Personally constructed decal on industrial ceramic tile 14 1/4 x 9 7/8 inches Edition of 20 + 3 APs $2,500 + shiping Kahlil Robert Irving’s ceramic sculptures critically engage with the history of the medium and challenge constructs around identity and culture in western civilization. This examination of the digital media, memory, and race in Irving’s practice is embedded in each ceramic tile. Irving (b. 1992, San Diego, CA) lives and works between St. Louis, Missouri and New York. Recent exhibitions include the critically acclaimed show titled Black ICE at Callicoon Fine Arts, New York, and the upcoming 2019 Singapore Biennale. Irving’s work can be found in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, Carnegie Museum of Art, and Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art among many others. Irving is represented by Callicoon Fine Arts in New York.

For more information, contact Manuela Paz, 212.254.8200, or manuela@curatorsintl.org.