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Mark Lombardi: Global Networks

Mark Lombardi: Global Networks

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Robert Hobbs’ Global Networks is an exploration of Mark Lomardi’s work investigating the global corruption of national governments. Using sprawling maps of interconnected names, companies, and any other entities involved in the scandals, Lombardi’s creations are at once deeply beautiful and profoundly distressing.

The works displayed in this book can be seen as a formalization of the political turmoil plaguing the global governments. In addition to the historial and political revelations one may experience while perusing this book, Mark Lombardi challenges the extent of the connection between art and reality. Can we truly gain information from these works or is art so inherently subjective, interpretive, and personal, that it is absurd to think that art can impart a fact? Global Networks is an extremely unique take on political art and nothing like it is likely to be seen again.

Hobbs, Robert, Mark Lombardi: Global Networks, Independent Curators International (ICI), New York, 2003. 128 pages, 53 color and 11 black-and-white illustrations, 9.25 x 11 in., softcover. ISBN: 0-916365-67-0. Out of Print.