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The Ocean After Nature

The Ocean After Nature

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The Ocean After Nature

The exhibition certainly emphasizes the environmental and human cost of the convoluted systems implemented by companies and countries seeking market advantage and neocolonial dominance. But it’s not particularly didactic. In fact, some of the strongest work is in awe of the ways humans at the periphery of global capitalism have adapted. – Sam Lefebvre, The Wire, 2016.

The Ocean After Nature considers the ocean as a site reflecting the ecological, cultural, political, and economic realities of a globalized world through the work of twenty artists and collectives. Lead essays by Lucy R. Lippard and Alaina Claire Feldman provide a framework while artists, critics, writers and curators have each been asked to respond to one work in the exhibition, offering unique interpretations of the artists’ work and inviting readers to trace the various paths of influence the ocean has had on contemporary art practices. As the exhibition travels, new works are added by local artists to expanded the narrative. Similarly, this publication has been designed so that participating venues will be able to add their own content as well.

Edited by Alaina Claire Feldman. Forward by Renaud Proch. Texts by Negar Azimi, Ursula Biemann, Yonatan Cohen and Rafi Segal, María del Carmen Carrión, Övül O. Durmusoglu, Kodwo Eshun, Patrick Flores, Ed Halter, Ebony L. Haynes, May Joseph, Amanda Parmer, Lisa Le Feuvre, Lucy R. Lippard, Andrey Misiano, Allan Sekula and Noël Burch, Lanka Tattersall, Virgil B/G Taylor, and Jordan G. Teicher.

Publisher: Independent Curators International (ICI)
Designer: Geoff Kaplan / General Working Group
Softcover, 5 x 7” / 80 pages
ISBN: 9780916365936