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The New Normal

The New Normal

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We live in a time of confessions, both voluntary and forced – a time when more and more of our personal information and behavior is recorded, archived, and shared. This is not only due to government surveillance, but increasingly because new ways of communicating (i.e. camera phones, e-mail, etc.) make it difficult for us to control who has access to information about us.

The New Normal features works made between 2001 and 2008 that draw on private information – ranging from home videos to financial data – for their raw material and subject matter. These works, and the catalogue essays, shed light on the new circumstances created by our highly technological society, in which private information has never been less private.

A collaboration between ICI and Artists Space, The New Normal examines the boundaries between public and private spheres and confronts our idea of privacy in an increasingly broadcasted and media-saturated society. Artists including Sophie Calle, Kota Ezawa, Jill Magid, and Trevor Paglen investigate the subtleties of private information and behavior. Given the amount of information that we publish daily on social media platforms, this timely and compelling exhibition urges us to consider the ubiquitous platforms for online sharing: where this personal information is going and what we truly wish to disclose to others.
Recommended by Kimberly Kitada, Curatorial Intensive Associate.

STAFF PICK Connor, Michael, The New Normal, Independent Curators International, New York and Artists Space, New York, 2008. 72 pages, 33 color illustrations, 7 x 10 in., softcover. ISBN 978-0-916365-79-0.  $24.00

Essays by Michael Connor, Marisa Olson, and Clay Shirky; foreword and acknowledgements by Judith Olch Richards and Benjamin Weil.