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The Paper Sculpture Book

The Paper Sculpture Book

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Twenty-nine artists have been asked to design a paper sculpture to be cut out and assembled using very basic materials. Each project was displayed in stacks within an exhibition designed by artist Allan Wexler. Visitors were encouraged to “complete the artworks” by cutting out and assembling the sculptures of their choice. The visitors’ creations remained in the gallery after they left, resulting in a living exhibition: growing, changing, and evolving throughout its duration. Subsequent visitors had the opportunity to see multiple versions of the same piece, each made unique by the hand of its fabricator.

Artists in the exhibition include: Janine Antoni, The Art Guys, David Brody, Luca Buvoli, Francis Cape and Liza Phillips, Minerva Cuevas, Seong Chun, E.V. Day, Nicole Eisenman, Spencer Finch, Charles Goldman, Rachel Harrison, Stephen Hendee, Patrick Killoran, Glenn Ligon, Cildo Meireles, Helen Mirra, Aric Obrosey, Ester Partegàs, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Akiko
Sakaizumi, David Shrigley, Eve Sussman, Sarah Sze, Fred Tomaselli, Pablo Vargas Lugo, Chris Ware, Olav Westphalen, and Allan Wexler.

Ceruti, Mary, Freedman, Matt and Najafi, Sina, The Paper Sculpture Book Independent Curators International (ICI), Sculpture Center, and Cabinet Magazine, 2003.160 pages, 81 color illustrations. 9.75 x 13.25 in., softcover. ISBN 0-916365-69-7. OUT OF PRINT.

Introduction by Mary Ceruti, Matt Freedman, and Sina Najafi; essay by Frances Richard.