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Through the Path of Echoes: Contemporary Art in Mexico

Through the Path of Echoes: Contemporary Art in Mexico

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By constantly referring to and borrowing from aspects of a shared history and tradition, these artists present Mexican history as a force so rich and vital that it visibly shapes not only the culture, but each individual within it. And while the work of this generation continually reveals a deep indebtedness to Mexico’s past, these artists neither romanticize nor fully embrace their complicated heritage. Rather, they frequently transform aspects of the culture into emblems of personal identity, at times revealing cultural forces sometimes as sources of hope and strength and sometimes, as obstacles to personal freedom.

Mexican art has a long history of community involvement, from publicly funded murals to the celebration of its rich indigenous and adopted culture. Since the 1980s, however, there has been a break from the influence of culture. Sometimes intentional and rebellious, other times simply a desire to expand in subject matter, Mexican art has become a labyrinth of global, philosophical, and artistic commentary. Through the Path of Echoes documents the profound changes and growth of Mexican art through beautiful and deeply intellectual artworks by celebrated Mexican artists such as Eugenia Vargas Daniels, Julio Galan, Flor Garduno, Sergio Hernandez, Estela Hussong, Ruben Ortiz, Ray Smith, among others.

Ferrer, Elizabeth, Through the Path of Echoes: Contemporary Art in Mexico, Independent Curators International (ICI), New York, 1990. 64 Pages. 10.8 x 9 inches, softcover. ISBN: 0916365298. $17.00

Essays by Elizabeth Ferrer and Alberto Ruy-Sánchez.