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Sofía Olascoaga

Sofía Olascoaga works in the intersections of art and education by activating spaces for critical thinking and collective action. Olascoaga is a Curatorial Research Fellow at Indpendent Curators International, was a Curatorial Fellow at the Whitney Independent Study Program in 2010 and received her BFA with honors from La Esmeralda National School of Fine Arts (Mexico City). Olascoaga was Clinics Director for SITAC X the International Symposium of Contemporary Art Theory, in Mexico City in 2012 and works as advisor for the educational program at the Botanical Garden in Culiacán—a public cultural center created through the collaboration of Coppel Collection, local government, and civil organizations. This program is dedicated to integrating ecological education and contemporary art, while engaging local communities. Her main research is focused in critically assessing the productive tension between utopia and failure of intentional community models, developed in Mexico in past decades.

involved in:

CANCELLED – Between Utopia and Failure

Saturday, November 3, 2012 2:30-4pm ICI Curatorial Hub Closed-door event Between Utopia and Failure: Tracing Iván Illich in New York City This think-tank session continues Olascoaga’s research project, Between Utopia and Failure, and will focus on tracing Iván Illich’s influence and experiences in New York City, where he lived and worked during the early 1950s. […]

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Curating and Education

ICI presents a panel discussion on the discursive turn in curating at CAA’s 100th annual conference in Los Angeles. Practitioners at the intersection of education and curatorial practice examine new developments in the field and consider how this turn is re-calibrating traditional dynamics between educators, curators, and artists in different institutional contexts, as well as […]

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Experimental pedagogy and art practice in Mexico

This DISPATCH addresses the case of a growing scene at the intersection of education, pedagogy and art in Mexico.

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