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Photos from the event: MAD-LIB[rary] Vol. 2

Posted on April 6, 2013

Photos from the event: Constance Lewallen and Phong Bui

Posted on April 10, 2013

Stephen Vitiello interviews composer Ryuichi Sakamoto on Nam June Paik

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On the occasion of the Art & Process program at the Smithsonian American Art Museum (Sunday, April 14, 2013), sound and media artist and With Hidden Noise curator Stephen Vitiello and Academy Award- and Grammy Award-winning musician and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto will perform a tribute entitled Strange Music for Nam June Paik. For the Smithsonian’s blog Eye Level, Vitiello interviews Sakamoto on his relationship with Nam June Paik, from influence to collaboration. SV: You collaborated with Nam June on the video, All Star Video. I believe you also appeared in one of the satellite broadcasts (Bye Bye Kipling from 1986). Do you have any memories or anecdotes about the nature of the collaboration? How did that project come about? RS: I met him for the first time when he had the big retrospective in Tokyo. I cannot forget what he said at that moment. He said something like “Here comes a friend from the distant” which is an excerpt of an old Chinese poem. The meeting was coordinated by Sony which was a big supporter of him for decades and they also arranged the collaboration for the video. I’m not sure that was really Nam June’s intention or not. To read the full interview, please click here. Stephen Vitiello (left) and Ryuichi Sakamoto (right) collaborate in a studio recording session. Copyright © Eye Level.

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The In-Between: Artists Build New Frameworks for Institutions

Posted on April 13, 2013

The Studio, the Social, and New Financial Architectures for Creative Communities was moderated by Lisa Dent, Creative Capital’s Director of Grants and Services. In this Creative Capital blog post, Dent writes about artists creating new types of institutions, including Matthew Moore’s Digital Farm Collective; Jennifer Monson’s Laboratory for Art, Nature and Dance; and Nick Szuberla’s Campaign for Prison Phone Violence.

“Over the years Creative Capital has noticed that an increasing number of grantees have decided to start their own organizations. We’re realizing that the financial and advisory services we provide our grantees help them not only complete their artistic projects but also find ways to address other needs in our society. These new institutions have focused on issues of social justice, food, product development and critical thinking skills.”

Click here to read the full post.

Questions posed by Edgar Arceneaux

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Prior to his program at ICI’s Curatorial Hub on April 11, Edgar Arceneaux posed the following questions to his Facebook friends, calling on their “collective hive mind”:

Tuesday, April 9:

Dear FB collective hive mind,

Is there a feedback loop between the content of our work and the means of distribution that one uses to market it?
Be it the gallery, store room floor or virtual space of the web. By what metrics would one gauge the health of this feedback loop?
How would you describe it’s characteristics which differ from
1990’s to the 2000’s economic realities?

Together, Let’s figure out the real questions affecting our practices in our 21c. Reality.
Please share your responses below!

Wednesday, April 10:

Dear FB collective hive mind,

Is entrepreneurship considered a value in art practice today? (By entrepreneurship I mean operating openly as an individual business entity aside from the gallery platform)

Thursday, April 11:

What cant be sold? From the last chain of responses,
Market forces appear to be synonymous to entrepreneurship? Though I wonder if this puts all emphasis upon objects in exchange. But what of the other parts, “ideas”, what forces dictate that part of a works distribution?

Photos from the event: The Studio, the Social, and New Financial Architectures

Photos from the event: Rifky Effendy

Posted on April 19, 2013

Photos from the event: Riason Naidoo and Dominic Willsdon

Posted on April 26, 2013