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Brand new Tinder Swindler’s dad try an excellent rabbi

Posted on December 9, 2022

Brand new Tinder Swindler’s dad try an excellent rabbi

Taking care of of your own hearsay and you may accusations nearby Simon Leviev you to could have been particularly complicated is that there are still groups and stores which can be ready to bring him the chance to disprove exactly what so many faith to be real. Such as for example, inside 2021 Vents Magazine blogged several resources regarding Simon Leviev, who is referred to as a good “billionaire away from repute” who “features played the brand new highest bet in the wonderful world of home for a long time.” Because the magazine helps make mention of your Netflix movie about Leviev’s reported decisions, that does not appear to detract regarding his obvious a residential property systems.

On interviews, Leviev even offers advice about people that are simply delivery employment in the world of real estate. In a single tip, he advises men and women searching for the field to meet up people who can help them aside. As he leaves it, “Your networking sites as well as your relationship with her or him may either pull the fresh carpet out of using your legs otherwise place it merely when you necessary they many. Thus choose prudently” (thru Vents Magazine).

If you are Simon Leviev, aka the latest Tinder Swindler, states end up being a person in Israel’s well-known Leviev household members, his genuine father are Rabbi Yohanan Hayut. As common from the Times of Israel, Hayut works while the rabbi getting Este Al Air companies, possesses even started accused off entering ripoff the to your his personal. (more…)

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