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9. Be Proactive With Your Customer Service

Posted on May 5, 2022

9. Be Proactive With Your Customer Service

You can make a big impact on your customer experience just by automating routine functions for your support team. For example, a ticketing system can automate actions like creating new tickets, distributing and assigning them to reps, and sending follow-up emails if a ticket isn’t responded to. These little actions add up throughout a support shift, so the more you can automate, the more efficient your service experience will be.

Business Example: Comcast Xfinity

If you’ve ever set up a cable subscription, you know it can involve a lot of back and forth with your provider’s support team. First, you need to buy the subscription, then you need to set up the router, and finally, you need to activate your devices so it’s linked to your provider.

Comcast Xfinity makes most of this easy by adding an automated phone tree to its support experience. The AI first determines if there’s an account associated with the caller’s phone number, then tries to determine where they are in the setup process based on their previous interactions with the company. (more…)

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