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Flirt, Fake, Make Them Wait – The Truth About How We Treat Each Other Online

Posted on July 23, 2022

Flirt, Fake, Make Them Wait – The Truth About How We Treat Each Other Online

Nowadays, so much of life is lived online. And apparently, this global shift has had a big impact on how we treat the people in our lives, according to a new study from .

The internet can be a pretty unsavory place. Between overtly aggressive political discourse and purposefully offensive memes, the web has amplified some of the worst kinds of human behavior. Yet this isn’t limited to the trolls of the online world. The web is fundamentally changing the way we interact even with our nearest and dearest.

Through a survey of 2,000 respondents, has uncovered a number of unsettling trends in regards to how we treat people online:

  • 26% of respondents said they would create a fake social media account to keep tabs on ex-partners and ex-friends
  • 90% think that social media and instant messaging make it easier to flirt, but 34% had experienced the end of a relationship due something happening on social media
  • 50% admit to deliberately making friends ‘sweat’ – waiting for a reply to messages
  • 70% say they have felt anxious knowing a message they’ve sent has been read, but not replied to

It may be time to consider the way you interact with your own friends and loved ones online, and for a little self-reflection about what kind of digital person you want to be. (more…)

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