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5. A throuple can be a totally healthy and balanced relationship

Posted on April 28, 2022

5. A throuple can be a totally healthy and balanced relationship

The dynamics within a throuple can differ drastically from a typical duo. First, there’s the jealousy part (more on that in a bit), a potential side effect of a three-way relationship if one person feels like there’s an uneven split of attention or commitment.

The best way to avoid this is to have everyone voice their needs and concerns at the start of the relationship-and be honest if and when those needs and concerns change, says Spector.

Second, when it comes to conflict, having a third person in a relationship leaves room for taking sides-an unhealthy tactic that can put the bond on shaky ground, Spector explains. (That can be avoided if each party can master the aforementioned mediator role.)

Like in any relationship, a throuple requires tons of communication so that everyone feels heard and no one feels left out.

  • Be super specific about your needs.For example, say: Since we’re all in a relationship together, while I’m comfortable with you and our partner kissing, I’d prefer if we only had sex as a threesome.
  • Eliminate secrets.Open communication is even more important when there are three people involved. So always check in with both partners-and yourself.
  • Speak up if your feelings change.Try: I know you’re happy in our throuple, but this isn’t something I wanted for the long term. I’d rather go back to our relationship being just the two of us. What do you think?

Entering throuple-hood can enrich your romantic life if everyone shares similar interests, values, and ideals, Spector says, but make sure you can handle Just Cougars aktie coupledom before bringing in a third person. (more…)

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