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Research and you will technology are very important having federal development and progress

Posted on November 26, 2022

Research and you will technology are very important having federal development and progress

Section step 1

Point 9. The brand new Congress will introduce a nationwide vocabulary payment comprising agencies of numerous regions and you may procedures and this will undertake, accentuate, and bring studies into development, propagation, and you will preservation of Filipino or any other languages.

Point ten. The official should bring priority to analyze and you will advancement, development, advancement, in addition to their use; also to research and you can technical knowledge, education, and you will services. They should help native, suitable, and you will notice-centered medical and you can scientific potential, as well as their software towards the state’s energetic solutions and you may national lives.

Point 11. The Congress may provide to possess incentives, also tax write-offs, so you’re able to remind personal involvement inside applications from basic and you will used scientific browse. Scholarships, grants-in-aid, or other kinds of bonuses are wanted to worthy science college students, experts, experts, inventors, technologists, and particularly gifted owners.

Point several. It shall encourage the widest involvement from private teams, local governing bodies, and you may neighborhood-mainly based teams about generation and you may using science and you can technology.

Section 13. The official will manage and you may secure the personal legal rights regarding scientists, creators, artisans, or other skilled owners on their mental assets and you may creations, especially if beneficial to people, to own instance period because tends to be provided with rules. (more…)

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