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Chime works more like a bank than anything else

Posted on April 20, 2022

Chime works more like a bank than anything else

Nonetheless, it’s one of the most convenient apps like Earnin out there. How does it work? With Chime, you can get an advance up to two days ahead of your payday.

Now, we understand that’s not the ideal time frame and isn’t as helpful for financial emergencies. However, there are numerous benefits to Chime that can overshadow that flaw. For example, the spending account and Visa Debit Card newly registered users get. With those, you immediately have the right tools to spend money at your disposal without qualms. You can even withdraw money from your Chime account anytime through an ATM.

In addition, Chime doesn’t charge any transaction fees or subscriptions and it doesn’t even ask for tips. Instead, Chime earns through interchange fees that you incur whenever you use the debit card.

4. DailyPay

If you want to withdraw your balance earlier in the payroll cycle, the right apps like Earnin are hard to come by. Thankfully, alternatives such as DailyPay do exist. How does it work?

Simply put, the DailyPay app integrates with your company’s payroll system. This allows the app to calculate how much you’ve already earned as you work. You can then choose to withdraw your balance anytime as long as you’ve already earned it. Of course, this does come with a $1.99 transaction fee, but that’s fairly affordable if you don’t withdraw often.

The only downside with DailyPay is that it has to work with your company already. Thus, if the app isn’t linked to your company’s payroll system, there’s no way you can use it.

5. Dave

If you’re looking for another app similar to Earnin, then we highly recommend Dave. Like when you’re using Earnin, you can get a maximum advance of $100 up to two days before payday and without fees. The only thing Dave will cost you is a $1 monthly subscription. (more…)

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