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Elite Gymnastics Never assume all It’s ‘Chalked Up’ to get

Posted on May 2, 2022

Elite Gymnastics Never assume all It’s ‘Chalked Up’ to get

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Shortly after breaking this lady femur when you look at the a fall in the rough taverns, Jennifer Sey returned in order to win the brand new 1986 Federal Championships. It had been an amazing healing, however it got a significant mental and you will actual cost. hide caption

Every four years, visitors home was awed of the grace, athleticism and you may art away from Olympic gymnastics. However, Jennifer Sey, the fresh 1986 Federal Gymnastics Winner, claims the road to this high-level off completion was smooth having unhealthy perfectionism and you may stress.

Inside her brand new memoir, Chalked Up, she reveals the fresh new merciless courses and aggressive parenting that may push younger athletes apart from the actual and you may emotional restrictions.

“My life is actually littered with advice of subparness,” Sey writes. “I never ever believed adequate. Just one notch timid out of excellence, you to definitely slot timid out-of no. 1.”

Sey’s memoir chronicles the new drastic actions she and her teenage teammates got to keep their childlike framespeting due to the fact a teen within higher accounts, Sey states it absolutely was a race facing big date “to beat the brand new threatening development of my body. (more…)

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