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I Followed Teen Instagrammers’ Advice for a Week

Posted on November 22, 2022

I Followed Teen Instagrammers’ Advice for a Week

This isn’t that surprising considering that’s the exact kind of social-engineering BS you expect from Facebook. In the same way it encourages you to meet with friends you had no plans to see, or wish a happy birthday to someone you haven’t spoken to in years, Facebook Dating tells you how to act when you just wish it’d let you do your own thing.

But the main thing that makes Dating different from other apps is that it doesn’t listen to you-like, at all. When I select my distance preference to be within 40 km, age range from 26 to 35, and height within a solid 5’11 to 7 goddamn feet tall, half of my suggested matches are basically the opposite of that. Instead, I’m getting dudes like 44-year-old Stephane from small-town Ontario, and wee Peter at 5’5” even though I asked for them not to be there-no offence, guys.

And I’m not sure if it’s because I’m using the app in its early stages and not everyone knows it exists, the options I get are slim-pickings at best. Profile photos are a mix of blurry snapshots, pics that were clearly taken more than five years ago and others that are not pictures of people at all. There’s also way too many photo filters going on, Tucson dating services like the one that turns you into a line-drawing (why is that a thing?) and the one that covers you with a glowing white light (again, why?). (more…)

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