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Sextortion 101: How Tinder presented us to your spouse

Posted on July 9, 2022

Sextortion 101: How Tinder presented us to your spouse

“IF YOU’RE looking over this, you’re wondering the way I learned your reputation.” This is the way smooth it is to get the secrets abused.

It’s scarify no problem finding out and about personal data with regards to the someone an individual satisfy on online dating sites, making many individuals open to sextortion. Source:istock

IF YOU ARE reading this article, you are most likely asking yourself how I learned your company name.

Perfectly, to begin with, i’d like to produce definitely something clear: I am not saying a hacker. The that skills don’t extend last MS Office — in fact after I publish “Proficient in Excel” to my application I’m twisting the truth, that ought to making precisely what I’m gonna teach you a lot more astonishing.

I came across who you are in four a few seconds. And anybody else can as well.

I just presented the hand down over your shape photo (or proper clicked) and chosen “Search yahoo in this image”.

Consequently, in exactly the same way search engines like google find keywords, Google scoured online for almost any content of the image that is available on the web. (more…)

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