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He stated that the guy heard a serious upgrade versus average to help you 16-assess cord

Posted on July 27, 2022

He stated that the guy heard a serious upgrade versus average to help you 16-assess cord

Into the multiple travel to The japanese (many years ago), Maynard receive businesses such as for example JVC was basically selling awesome wiring such JVC Awesome Wire, offered just in Japan. JVC advertised you to definitely old-fashioned cable cannot solution a beneficial 100kHz rectangular trend. Kenwood noticed extremely wires to possess superior sign qualities. Kenwood engineers put a beneficial 30kHz square wave inside their screening that triggered variations in trend height and you can overshoot. Although not, this is seen to be due to the latest speaker.

As a consequence of Brian Goss, further information has been found precisely how a deceptive wire demonstration is also unwittingly prove my part on how adequate wire size is the top reason behind searching for a presenter cord

Competition led to certain brands such Disc Washers Air pollution Lifters braided wire, MK Mogami , Fulton silver plated coaxial cord, Polk braided cord, and you can Music provide High definition cable.

To summarize, Maynard says Inside my (Maynard) screening, which have podÅ‚Ä…czenie blackplanet been maybe not highly managed blind listening evaluating, I found there is certainly an excellent differencea vacuum percussive sound and an effective tighter bass. In the event the you are searching for top sound from your sound system, is the brand new very wires (if not simply heavy cord) for the a cash back base; you may be surprised with the overall performance. (more…)

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