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Mike and you will Alice altered its agreements on evening

Posted on September 28, 2022

Mike and you will Alice altered its agreements on evening

alter (AWL ter) vt. step one. resulting in to change in more detail however into the material; modify; 2. when deciding to take areas of a scarf and you may resew them to own good better fit; 3. so you’re able to neuter (an animal) -vi. to switch; feel different • • • •

Ralph is roofed among the many followers of one’s president

The fresh new modify had to replace the gown to make it fit The month of january top. Replace your animals to store down an overpopulation away from strays. The fresh new Fab Five changed Al’s brand of top with his lifestyle. [-ed, -ing, alteration n.] [Syn. changes, vary]

regardless of if (awl THOH) conj. despite the reality; giving you to; even when • Mike sat down seriously to eating, even when he’d consumed less than 30 minutes prior to. • Though Mary claimed never to care for opera, she must acknowledge your music out-of Il Trovatore try outstanding. altruism (AL troo we zm) letter. unselfish matter having others’ better-are • It must be altruism also bravery one to brought about Maria to run with the burning house in order to rescue the fresh weeping boy. • It’s unusual to see an incident from pure altruism, in which there is no idea of private acquire. [altruist letter.] [Syn. selflessness]

ambiguous* (have always been Huge yoo uhs) adj. 1. that have multiple it is possible to definition; 2. unclear; vague; long • The third foot coach’s not clear signals left brand new batter being unsure of whether to swing out otherwise bunt. • Roxane is actually not clear in her own tips to possess feeding the fresh pet if you find yourself she was aside. [-ly adv., -ness, ambiguity letter., ambiguities pl.] [Syn. obscure]

ambivalence (was BIV uh lens) letter. having contradictory thoughts in the one otherwise question in one date, like love and you can hate • Karen had a bona fide ambivalence regarding being invited to help you Uncle Bob’s cabin; she enjoyed checking out however, disliked the fresh new five-hour trip. (more…)

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