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Lessons discovered on the serenity procedure when you look at the Colombia

Posted on December 5, 2022

Lessons discovered on the serenity procedure when you look at the Colombia

Possibly one of many classes discovered on the plebiscite is so it issues how gender is roofed for the a peace contract

Adopting the referendum, President Santos called for a national dialogue, in particular which have the individuals political leaders which had campaigned from the peace arrangement, to conserve the brand new tranquility process. Adopting the federal dialogue, government entities plus the FARC-EP satisfied during severe courses within the Havana so you’re able to renegotiate the fresh agreement. Of a lot dreadful the sex position are a thing that brand new activities create easily compromise to accommodate the fresh sceptics. Several dedicated people spent some time working night and day to review and you can improve the brand new texts to your gender.

The text are changed to some extent about renegotiated tranquility agreement. They prevents the phrase “intercourse position” and you may alternatively comes with a definition of a good “intercourse approach”, emphasising new effect of your equipped conflict on girls. The amount of records so you can “gender” is reduced, however, the stuff is far more demonstrably specified. By way of example, of governmental participation, in lieu of “sex guarantee”, the new contract now refers to “the fresh fair contribution of individuals”. (more…)

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